Paladin's Advanced Wellsite Geology Program


Our new employees are automatically enrolled in our Advanced Wellsite Geology Program (AWGP) where their employment status is pending until completion of the coursework and passing of the final exam. The AWGP is constructed to establish a company standard, so that each logger is able to perform their duties regardless of previous experience.


The AWGP is taught by experienced logging personnel having an in-depth knowledge of mud logging best practices and the technical knowledge of Paladin’s third-party and proprietary equipment. And of course, classroom training is backed up by ongoing evaluations, mentoring and certification training. As our employee’s careers advance we also provide workshops for geosteering and geochemistry.






AWGP Curriculum


Classroom and Field Training - Two Weeks

Orientation/Wellsite Introduction              

Oil Field Services and Rig Introduction     

Wellsite Geology                                      


Rock Sample Analysis                            

Live Well Simulation                                 

Field Training

Final Exams (Field and Classroom)


Ongoing Training

Online Training and Evaluation


Mentoring Programs

Software Training

Geosteering Workshops

Geochemistry Workshops