Paladin's Mud Logging Services


Paladin has always taken a scientific approach to mud logging with the aim of getting the maximum data from the cuttings and gas collected. Paladin’s mud logging services are tailored to the needs of each individual client, with ’traditional’ services forming the basis of more advanced mud logging services. With Paladin’s expertise in the mud logging and geochemical fields, the line between the two is often blurred as we strive to provide our clients the precise answers they need for the successful construction and completion of their wells.


Geological Evaluation Services

All of Paladin’s mud logging operations whether onshore or offshore, deliver the highest quality cuttings collection, preparation, and evaluation procedures to guarantee that cuttings are in perfect condition for immediate examination and are also stored in a secure and timely manner so that the minimum hydrocarbon data is lost to the atmosphere. Paladin’s field geologists always have in mind the future, possible need for advanced geochemical analysis. A poorly preserved sample is data, and money lost.


Gas Analysis Services


Paladin provides scalable hydrocarbon gas systems for every operational need. From basic total gas requirements to high resolution gas chromatography, Paladin has the system that is right for your well. In addition, Paladin prides itself in having the resources and expertise to provide all in-house data analysis for its clients. Paladin does not just measure and ‘dump’ the data. Paladin and Genesis GeoChem Lab personnel will work with client geologists every step of the way from gas collection to the final report.


Contact Paladin Geological Services to learn more about all of our geological, gas, and data logging services. The Paladin team is always pleased to receive questions and provide answers to clients and partners.