Paladin's Geosteering Services


Paladin provides comprehensive well bore navigation in all rock types and basins with both onsite and remote services. Our geosteering engineers have a very strong understanding and knowledge of geology and mud logging and our extensive experience in all facets of horizontal drilling has created a core competence in geosteering. Detailed reports keep the office geologist well informed to allow for critical drilling decisions to be made. Our standard is to provide a full report at every survey.


Our goal is simple - to utilize all resources to lower drilling time, while maximizing exposure to target and pay zones - and with this in mind, our geosteering consultants integrate a wide array of data sets to provide the best interpretations and expert reporting to benefit drilling plans.




Paladin's Geosteering Experience



Wolfcamp; Avalon Shale; Buda; Granite Wash; Cleveland Sand; Eagleford Shale; Barnet Shale; Austin Chalk



Hunton Lime; Mississippi Lime; Woodford Shale



Tuscaloosa Shale



Mississippi Lime





North Dakota:

Middle Bakken; Three Forks


West Virginia:







Middle Shannon





Paladin's Service Deliverables



Paladin's geosteering team uses the Stoner Engineering SES5 software as it's basic geosteering platform. SES5 is 3D technical geosteering software that makes wellbore stratigraphic tracking quick, easy, accurate, and easily shared. Unlike any other geosteering software, SES5 provides a complete suite of software features to handle your horizontal drilling needs.


Our clients receive ...


Detailed reports:

  • Every survey
  • Bi-daily
  • Periodically by request

Open line communication:

  • Data interpretation
  • Client consultation

Additional Paladin Geosteering 'Steer-ToolsTM

  • Grid data (X,Y,Z coordinates, tops)
  • Seismic image integration
  • Structure maps
  • XRF chemostratigraphic integration
  • Isotopic profiles in the laterals
  • WITSML data transfer
  • Live EDR login
  • Well plan





Contact Paladin Geological Services to learn more about our geosteering services. The Paladin geosteering team is always pleased to receive questions and provide answers to clients and partners.