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Mud Logging:

Paladin Geological Services always offers premium services. Our field geologists are all experts and our technology fits any need an operator might have from basic to advanced, scientific mud logging. Our gas systems are scalable as are our geologic analyses thanks to our onsite geochemical capabilities. For offshore operations, Paladin provide cabins that are in full ompliance with all international regulations, and capable of delivering the high quality of surface data evaluation that every operator demands.


Paladin Geological Services is proud to offer top quality remote and onsite geosteering services. All remote operations are run from our Oklahoma City geosteering center. Paladin provides comprehensive well bore navigation in all rock types and basins. Our extensive experience in all facets of horizontal drilling has created a core competence that our clients have trusted for many years.


Paladin's geochemical services have grown to include Genesis GeoChem Labs, with facilities in Oklahoma and California. We have participated in the development of the world's first field deployable stable carbon isotope ratio analyzer coupled with a gas chromatograph, proprietary development of the patented Tight Oil Analyzer (TOA) instrument and analysis, and the patented Sweet Spot Prediction (SSP) model, capable of providing a new dimension of valuable data to our clients. 


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