Geological Evaluation Services

3D Fluorescence:

This is an advanced service from Paladin that allows quantifiable analysis of the cuttings cut and show fluorescence. It will provide 2D and 3D visualization and data regarding the oiliness index, oil concentration, and oil quality. Images will be added to the log.


We offer Calcimetry to determine limestone vs. dolomite, and silicates quantitatively. Our equipment will assess dolomitic presence, chert zones and calcium carbonate percentages with accurate repeatability within a ~15 minute time interval.

Chert Recognition Program:

Paladin can provide an advanced analytical process to determine chert in the formation. Paladin’s field geologists are trained to spot the first symptoms of its presence and quickly advise the drilling crew to chance drilling parameters to save abnormal bit wear,

X-Ray Fluorescence and Diffraction:

Where microscopic examination is not enough, Paladin offers its XRF and XRD services for elemental and mineralogical analysis while drilling. Important information such as chemostratigraphy, organic proxies, chemical gamma ray, and more are determined.

Source Rock Analysis:

Paladin offers source potential geochemical analysis to determine organic content and source potential of rocks. It is critical to understand the reservoir potential for better resource allocation, future targets and reservoir delineation.

Tight Oil Analysis:

Paladin’s unique methodology examines samples within 10 minutes, and with low temperature pyrolysis, distinguishes producible and non-producible zones in near-real-time from the light hydrocarbons that are lost during normal pyrolysis.

WellSight Log Software:

Paladin provides formation logs constructed using the industry standard WellSight mud logging software. Each realtime log is created to conform to the geologist's requirements. All our logs are easily comparable for correlation purposes. This is essential for geolgists using multiple mud logs for subsurface interpretations.




Contact Paladin Geological Services to learn more about our geological evaluation services. The Paladin team is always pleased to receive questions and provide answers to clients and partners.



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