Gas Analysis Services

Paladin provide a variety of gas systems depending on the complexity of the operation and the needs of the client.  While we recommend the higher level gas systems for more complete and accurate gas analysis, we also offer systems of lower complexity for basic gas monitoring and show recognition.

The following list shows the variety of systems that Paladin are able to offer its clients, ranging from remote detectors placed at the shakers for 'quick' gas monitoring through to advanced, laboratory based systems for more complex geochemical analyses.


  • Paladin: FID Gas Detection: (C1-nC5 ~ 28 seconds) & TG Hydrocarbon Chromatography, integrated with H2, CO2 & H2S detection
  • iBall Instruments: Bloodhound
  • TerraSLS: Red, Blue or Green Box
  • RigRooster: IR Gas Detection instrument


  • Onsite Mass Spectrometer: (C1-C10, Inorganics & Atomspherics- He, H2, CO2, N, N2, O2, Sw Indicators- Benzene, Toulene, Xylene, Acetic Acid, Sulfurs- CS2, SO2, SO, H2S)
  • Onsite Compound Specific Isotope Analyzerδ13C1-3, C1-C6 concentration measurements combined, Auto-sampling in-line mud gas mode WITS feed, capable of measuring both mud gases and headspace cuttings gases in the field. 5 minute cycle time
  • High Resolution Gas Chromatography: Agilent GC measures C1-C10 hydrocarbons




Contact Paladin Geological Services to learn more about our gas analysis options. The Paladin team is always pleased to receive questions and provide answers to clients and partners.



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