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Our vision when founding Paladin Geological Services was to create a company that cost-effectively brought advanced and innovative formation evaluation services to a market largely dominated by traditional mud-logging companies using techniques that had not kept pace with modern industry needs. That vision has been met and surpassed.


Since its foundation Paladin has excelled in providing unique geoscience solutions to operators in every major basin in the USA.  Paladin’s growth is fueled by its ability to help operators maximize their drilling and production potential by integrating new technology with proprietary analytical processes that pinpoint the most promising conventional or unconventional zones while allowing geological hazards to be avoided and isolated. Furthermore, Paladin’s growth is not just limited to continental USA. Paladin now provides geochemical services in one of China’s largest unconventional regions and is expanding globally with both on and offshore capabilities.


Expertise gained through its successful onsite geochemistry services led Paladin to launch its own geochemistry company, ‘Genesis GeoChem Labs’, allowing Paladin to provide a wider range of geoscience options to a wider range of customers. Paladin is proud to be a complete geoscience company and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve and work with you.



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Mud Logging:

Founded in 2012 as Paladin Surface Logging (PSL), Paladin Geological Services (PGS) continue to offer premium services. Our field geologists are all experts and our technology can fit any need an operator might have from basic to advanced mud logging. Our gas systems are scalable as are our geologic analyses thanks to our onsite geochemical capabilities. And offshore our cabins are in compliance with all international regulations, with equipment delivering the high quality of surface data logging that every operator demands


Paladin’s growth allowed it to launch its geosteering division in 2013. Paladin runs onsite geosteering and remote services. Initially remote operations were run from the Edmond, Oklahoma office, but all geosteering is now run from the Oklahoma City center. Paladin provides comprehensive well bore navigation in all rock types and basins. Our extensive experience in all facets of horizontal drilling has created a core competence in geosteering.


2014, Paladin expanded its fledgling onsite geochemical services with the creation of Genesis GeoChem Labs. (GGC). Paladin has since participated in the development of the world's first field deployable carbon stable isotope ratio analyzer coupled with a gas chromatograph, proprietary development of the patented Tight Oil Analyzer (TOA) instrument and analysis, and the patented Sweet Spot Prediction (SSP) model, capable of providing a new dimension of valuable data to our clients. 




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Onsite Mass Spectrometry




Paladin Geological Services

now offer its clients Mass Spectrometry measurements and analysis with FGT's Inficon Prospector DQMS

For information on availability and rates for this and all of Paladin's services, please contact us