Paladin Geological Services (PGS) has been providing geoscience analyses in the oil fields since 2012. Since its launching, PGS has logged and geosteered hundreds of wells and has extensive experience in every major basin in the United States. In addtion, PGS has launched its very own geochemistry company, Genesis GeoChem Labs, providing advanced geochemical services both on-site and through in-house laboratories. PGS has participated in the frontier of on-site isotope geochemistry, source rock analysis and T0 (Tight Oil Analyzer), providing a new dimension of data sets for operators. Our loggers consist of veteran loggers, degreed and graduate degreed geologists who all work together to provide exceptional services. Our rigorous training program is a six (6) week program designed to bring the best loggers available to the field. We train with samples from every basin to ensure diversity and compatibility for any job. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to the opportunity to provide premier wellsite geology and geochemistry for your current or future operations.





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As my sixteenth birthday approached, I cared about only one thing: getting my driver’s license. I couldn't wait to finally be able to pick up the keys and drive away by myself—even if it was in my parents’ car. The big day approached, and I passed the exam with flying colors, finally ready to begin my new stage in life as a driver on the road. That’s when the reality hit: I had to pay a cost for that driving freedom—I had to buy gas. I would always find myself watching the gas prices like a hawk, anguishing over each rise in the cost of a gallon. Growing up on the west coast in California, gas prices were always a hot topic for discussion as we Californians were always subjected to the highest gas charges.